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Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation Center

The Mediterranean Centre for Rehabilitation and Recovery located in the municipality of Loutraki constitutes one of the modern Centres for Rehabilitation in Europe. The Centre is situated on a private plot of land of 40.000 m2 surrounded by a beautiful natural environment with a picturesque view of the Gulf of Corinth and the Gerania Mountain Range. The Centre’s goal is to become an important facility in the health industry which will play a significant role in the private health/rehabilitation sector and become an attractive destination for the rehabilitation and recovery of patients.

  • The Mediterranean Centre for Rehabilitation and Recovery is committed to provide a high-quality healing environment along with specialized and personalized care.


  • It is our belief that a patient’s recovery depends on a combination of factors:
  • a) expert scientific personnel,
  • b) state-of-the-art equipment,
  • c) innovative treatments.



  • Our medical staff is comprised of Physiotherapists, Physiatrists, Pathologist, Neurologist, Surgeon as well as collaborative work with doctors from a variety of specializations. Our doctors are outstanding in their respective fields of specialization in Rehabilitation and possess numerous degrees and a rich background that enable them to offer a high standard of medical services and treatments.


  • Our therapists (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, etc.) receive frequent in-house training both in the use of innovative treatments and therapy as well as theory.


  • Above all, our goal is to create and maintain a pleasant setting, a home-away-from-home, where our patients and their caregivers are treated with understanding and affection offering them hope and progress with every step they take on the road to recovery.


The web site is:http://www.meska.gr/