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Loutraki is a modern seaside resort who can also respond to all forms of tourism, such as touring, educational (student - student trips), cultural, medical, conference, senior tourism etc. Centered Loutraki can be realized as excursion trips and visiting ancient ruins of Loutraki and other important historical points in the surrounding area 

Located in Loutraki, the travel agency “L destination”, part of Mantas Hotels & Tourism Enterprises SA


Mantas Hotels

Mantas Hotels are here to make your vacation unforgetable. We offer you all the comforts including our top class services. Right in the middle of the most exeptional city in Greece, Loutraki. Close to the sea and many other major spots. We enssure an uforgetable holiday.

Mantas Hotel

Mantas Seaside Boutique Hotel

Mantas Bay Apartments

Hotel Isthmia Central

Holiday Packages

Our office will bring you the best holiday packages giving out attention to quality and best prices. We cover all types of holiday types, giving you the oportunity to enjoy the relaxing and enjoyable moments that you wished for. Please, browse our web page to discover the type of vacation that you need.

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If you are looking for the best medical tretment in a perfectly relaxing environment we can offer you the solutions that will bring you easily to the perfect places in Greece. We can ensure you for the exeptional professionalism of our Medical Centers and for the unique expertise.

Rehabilitation Center

Dialysis Center

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